About us

Administratie & Consultancy MV&E has been active in SMEs for 20 years and has grown into a renowned firm, specializing in accounting and accounting processing, payroll and tax returns and advice for SMEs.

Don’t know where to start setting up your business?

Our office will assist you in the creation of your company before you are registered in the Chamber of Commerce and have received VAT/VAT number. We try in clear language of what is coming at you with the creation of your company and what you need to take into account.

For start-ups such as sole proprietorships, V.o.f’s and bv’s have a handy checklist. (You can download)

Our firm also mediates in the creation of a legal entity such as a e.g.

For legal entities such as a BV, the formation must be done by means of a notarial deed, which means that you have to go past the notary ,in order for the deeds of incorporation to pass and for identification.

There are many ifs and buts to the creation of an e.g. despite the fact that in October 2012 the so-called flex B.V. was created. We can offer you the first call for a maximum of 30 minutes free of charge.

If you do not have time to visit, we can do so for you provided you provide an authorization and a valid copy of identification.

Since this is quite a hot item, you can navigate in the menu bar under “Set up BV”.

If you have a sole proprietorship or a V.o.f. and do not want to take too big risks with your company or your turnover has grown to such an extent that you have grown out of your jacket, then the BV is a good choice 3 important spearheads:

Then we can provide you with sound advice. about the possibilities with.b regard to tax reserve(s) and the strike of your company if you want to bring it into the B.V.

For individuals and Expats we only make declarations I.B./P.H. and the toeslagen (huur-, kindgebonden- en kinderopvangtoeslag).

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